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Graduation and Other Academic Requirements:


Benedictine College Preparatory awards two diplomas (Standard and Advanced Studies). Minimum graduation requirements include those classes mandated by the Virginia Department of Education, plus Leadership and Theology courses. Credit Requirements are listed in the table below as well as specific instances per subject matter at the bottom of the page.


Subject Standard Diploma Advanced Studies Diploma
English 4 4
Theology 4 4
Mathematics 3 4
Science 3 4
Social Studies 3 4
Foreign Language 2 3 or 4
Electives 3 1
Leadership 4 4
Fine Arts 1 1
Totals 27 29 or 30

Benedictine is a special place where young men are formed in Christian virtue. Our mission: “We will form Christian men of conscience, discipline and achievement,” is what we as an educational institution have lived, taught and provided by example for our young men for over one hundred years. Benedictine is more than just a Catholic high school education.
Theology All Students: 4 credits. Requirements for transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basis.

  • Standard Diploma: 3 credits must be earned from at least 2 disciplines: physics/chemistry/biology.
  • Advanced Diploma: 4 credits must be earned from among the 3 disciplines: physics 9 (required for freshmen), biology, chemistry, or physics.


Social Studies
  • Standard Diploma: World History, US History, and US Government are required.
  • Advanced Diploma: Geography, World History, US History and US Government are required; transfers will be evaluated on an individual basis.
Foreign Language
  • Standard Diploma: 2 foreign language credits are required.
  • Advanced Diploma: Three years of one language or two years each of two languages.
Fine Arts All Students: Completion of any fine art class, journalism, photojournalism, Creative Writing or any computer class.