Student Life

Spiritual Life

Student Life Deeply Rooted in the Benedictine Values

Benedictine’s spiritual aim is to help Cadets grow in their friendship with our Lord and His blessed mother, through prayer, study, and the sacraments. This friendship is bolstered by the friendships of others that are striving for the same goal, and through extracurricular activities that provide places for that camaraderie to develop.


At Benedictine we embrace our faith and find our shared religious experiences help build us into better leaders and a better school. As a school rooted deeply in the Benedictine values of integrity, respect, service, justice, and peace, Benedictine is committed to forming leaders who reflect these values in all that we do. From weekly Masses to chemistry to baseball to ceramics, all that we do helps to build Christian men of conscience, discipline, and achievement. Each young man will learn how to exercise his conscience, appreciate Christian virtue, and seek truth in Christ.
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Daily Prayer

To pray is to raise one's mind and heart to God. How do we do that? At Benedictine, we strive to make each Cadet comfortable with prayer; we try to get them talking to God. Prayer is said at the beginning of each day on the intercom, before each and every class, and school-wide with Mass, prayer services, and retreats. Prayers are said before athletic events and even before practice. Prayer helps us to place real trust in God, and the more we trust Him, the more he provides for us, and the more peaceful we are.


Each school day begins and ends with prayer, and communal worship is a vital dimension of the spiritual life of Benedictine. School-wide Masses are celebrated weekly, and several special events are accompanied by the Eucharist, such as Mother-Son Mass, Father-Son Mass, Grandparent’s Day, Junior Ring Ceremony, and Baccalaureate Mass. Additionally, once a quarter, Benedictine hosts a joint Mass with Saint Gertrude High School. During his four years at Benedictine, a Cadet will attend Mass approximately 164 times and will pray with his fellow classmates at least 7,360 times.
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Catholic Sacraments

A student-led rosary is held daily after school, and confession is available at least once a week. Additional opportunities to participate in Rosaries, Confessions, and Adoration are provided to students and faculty on campus regularly in coordination with Mary Mother of the Church Abbey. 

Religious Leadership

At Benedictine, Cadets are not just told what is right, but are presented a model of honorable conduct on a daily basis. The influence of the Benedictine monks is critical in this effort, as they devote their entire life to Christ’s work. Benedictine Cadets are fortunate to benefit from the spiritual education and inspiration of the monks of Mary Mother of the Church Abbey, as well as deacons and priests of other religious orders teaching and working at Benedictine on a daily basis.
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Ben Madel '23

Attending Benedictine is more than receiving an education. Being able to grow in my Catholic faith alongside my friends as we learn, is one of the things that make BCP special.