Why Benedictine

A New Corps Is Upon You A Corps of Young Men

Benedictine College Preparatory offers the best opportunity for young men in the Richmond area to receive a strong, Catholic high school education and is well-regarded for its competitive academics (including a 100% college acceptance rate and a student-teacher ratio of twelve-to-one) and its outstanding athletic programs (with multiple state championships in the last three years). But it is the school’s embrace of Catholic values and the marbling of our faith’s tenets into Cadets’ day-to-day activities that separate Benedictine from the rest of the local school options, both public and private. At Benedictine, all Cadets begin each class with prayer, attend weekly masses, student led Lectio Divina, and take part in annual retreats. We embrace our faith and find our shared religious experiences help build us into better leaders and a better school.

Benedictine’s military program and leadership curriculum are time-tested and proven to produce successful men, strong in their faith, as we have been producing leaders since our founding in 1911. Today, Cadets can be found in leadership positions throughout the country and around the globe who are impactful agents for change in their homes and in their communities. The experience your son will undergo here will be transformative: he’ll grow to be a Benedictine man, one of conscience, discipline, and achievement.

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  • All-Male Environment

    Boys learn differently from girls, and they mature at a slower rate. Our teachers understand this and know how to implement special teaching techniques in order to achieve optimal results for all our Cadets.
  • Our Catholic Faith

    At Benedictine we embrace our Catholic faith and find our shared religious experiences help build us into better leaders and a better school. As a school rooted deeply in the Benedictine values, we are committed to forming leaders who reflect these values in all that we do.
  • BCP Cadet Officers

    Building Leaders

    Benedictine’s military leadership program is woven into every aspect of Cadets day-to-day lives. From morning formation on the parade deck to the athletic playing fields, Cadets are provided the tools to be successful leaders in the greater community and in their personal lives.
  • Individualized Approach

    Our students have the benefit of a professional, dedicated, and experienced faculty who not only teach, but also coach, mentor, guide, and form our young men through their academic journey. With small classes and a devoted faculty, we are able to recognize and nurture each student’s unique talents and that means, your son will receive the personalized attention he deserves.
  • Our Athletic Success

    At Benedictine, there is a rich tradition of excellence for over 100 years; to include numerous state, state catholic, and individual championships and at least nine current professional athletes and Olympians. However, more than the titles, the lifelong bonds that are created while wearing the Green and White uniforms are what set the Cadets apart.
  • Our Unique Location

    With the recent announcement of the Benedictine Schools of Richmond, our sister school Saint Gertrude High School joined us in Goochland, and their new building will be less than 500 feet from Benedictine. Having our two schools close together once again has enabled us to grow the brotherhood and sisterhood that was built over 100 years ago.