The Arts

The Arts at Benedictine College Preparatory Enable the Freedom to Express Oneself

Benedictine’s arts program encourages the self-expression of our students’ God-given talents. Explore our arts program below to see how you can artistically express yourself at Benedictine!

The study and development of fine arts skills complement education through creativity, curiosity, passion, respect, and appreciation of one another’s intellectual hunger. Benedictine students learn to comprehend the world in many ways through the study of visual and performing arts. We believe art is one of the many ways for our students to share their God-given talents with others. Therefore, all students participate in at least one contemporary fine arts course during their time at Benedictine.

Visual Arts

Cadets are able to explore the visual arts through 2D media, 3D media, and photography. Students who develop an interest and excel in these forms of art can explore them further through AP level courses. ​​Courses are designed to introduce students to art, as well as to prepare advanced art students for a collegiate experience. Benedictine artists regularly display their work on campus, at community art shows, and at local businesses.
    • Students Creating Art
    • BCP Cadets Performing Bag Pipes

Performing Arts

Additionally, Cadets have the opportunity to deepen their appreciation for the performing arts through the Pipe and Drum Corps, Schola choir, and theater. These courses and extracurricular activities allow our students to showcase their musical and theatrical talents on campus, at numerous events in the Greater Richmond area, as well as abroad. The Benedictine Schola and Pipe and Drum Corps are invited to perform at multiple military and Catholic events throughout the year, including at the Virginia War Memorial, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, and even in Normandy France at the D-Day celebration.