Middies Program

Athletic Teams for Middle School Boys

Benedictine College Prep’s Middies Program was first started by a group of alumni Cadets with a passion for bringing athletics to Richmond-area Catholic middle schoolers. Since its inception in 2006, the program has grown leaps and bounds and currently services hundreds of middle school athletes in three sports: football, baseball, and lacrosse. 

The teams practice and host games on Benedictine’s campus and have an opportunity to work with high school coaches. Middies is a great opportunity for boys to learn and grow in their sport, as well as to meet fellow athletes from different schools. We welcome all fifth- through eighth-grade boys!

  • Middies football begins practice in late spring/early summer. For questions regarding Middies football, contact Scott Wilson:
  • Middies lacrosse runs both a winter and spring season, with a few workouts over the summer.  For questions regarding Middies lacrosse, contact Mac Foley:
  • Middies baseball begins in February. For questions regarding Middies baseball, contact Matt Smith:
  • In the winter, the Benedictine Schools of Richmond is proud to host a middle school basketball league for area middle schools in our state-of-the-art, McMurtrie-Reynolds Pavilion.

We hope you will join us for an upcoming Middies season!

David Ngendakuriyo '23

Participating in Middies was definitely a great introduction to the brotherhood that is Benedictine. Deciding to play Middies is the best decision I have ever made since it led me here.