Student Life

Community Service

Addressing the Needs of Others Community Service

Serving others, a hallmark of the Christian faith, is an important part of a student’s learning at Benedictine. While community service is a requirement of our Cadets, it is also an inherent part of the school’s mission. All underclassmen must perform at least 20 hours of community service during each year of their attendance at Benedictine.
Community service may take many shapes, but it should come in a form that is 1) meaningful to the recipient and 2) of interest to the Cadet. Ideally, the service work would be of a nature that would improve the student in mind, spirit, or both. It may be performed via school-sponsored events (participating in a Dr. Seuss reading at a parochial school), in conjunction with other Cadets (teaming up to help with a charitable event) or on an event an individual has found to be appealing (such as volunteering at a nursing home). Each Cadet, is responsible for identifying where he might fulfill his requirement. Through service initiatives, students learn the power of participation as well as leadership since they are encouraged to take an active role in addressing needs within the community.

Joint Day of Service with SGHS

In one school day, all students, faculty, and staff from BSoR disseminate across the Richmond area to provide service to as many community organizations as possible. In addition to area schools and nursing homes, past partner organizations include Goochland Cares, Richmond Toolbank, Habitat for Humanity, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Ronald McDonald House, and Feed More. This combined Day of Service brings our two school communities together for a united cause of making the largest impact possible in one day in Central Virginia.