Go Cadets!

Rich Tradition of Excellence Go Cadets

There is nothing quite like witnessing a group of individuals come together as a team, giving of themselves for the greater good and supporting one another. 

At Benedictine, there is a rich tradition of excellence for over 100 years; to include numerous state, state catholic, and individual championships. More than the titles, the lifelong bonds that are created while wearing the Green and White uniforms are what set the Cadets apart. Our coaches strive to be servant leaders and positive role models for our student-athletes--placing more value on sportsmanship and a growth mindset than on the scoreboard. 

Benedictine athletics focuses on competing with honor and integrity, leaving a legacy for the next team and learning and growing through victory and in defeat. We seek to honor God through our actions in practice and in competitions and let the gifts He has given us shine through. As a former D-1 athlete and coach, Athletic Director Fran Pochily strives to support coaches and student-athletes to establish the framework for a healthy physical and mental lifestyle and instill the love of sports and team that will last a lifetime. Go Cadets!

Jack Miller ’23

What I like most about Benedictine is the sports, the atmosphere at the games, the coaching, and the opportunities they provide.
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    Fran Pochily 

    Director of Athletics
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    Teacher/Athletics Assistant
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    Teacher/Strength and Conditioning Coach
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    Teacher/Coach's Club