A Look Back

Benedictine was founded in 1911, under the name of Benedictine College, by a group of Benedictine monks from Belmont Abbey in North Carolina.

The monks drew inspiration for their educational mission from European and American Benedictine institutes of higher learning. These institutes developed into the first universities in the Middle Ages and have spread to the farthest corners of the world, yet remain connected by the teachings of Saint Benedict’s Rule. As a community, the Benedictines have developed a lifelong love of faith and learning in youth for over 1500 years! The Richmond monks adopted the successful and prestigious military academy model for Benedictine, in order to promote a disciplined approach to studies and virtue, meshing well with the monastic lifestyle.

The aim of the Monks was, and continues to be, to form young men in body, mind and soul - to nourish a love of truth, foster the life of virtue, and promote a healthy life.

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