Our Sister School

Benedictine's "sister" school, Saint Gertrude High School, is located downtown at:
3215 Stuart Ave, near our old campus.

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Benedictine is a brother school to Saint Gertrude High School. Social events involving the two schools include the Freshman Hop, the Sponsors’ Ball, Homecoming Dance, Saint Gertrude High School's Song Contest, Winter Dance and Ice Cream Socials.

Benedictine’s aspiring actors appear in both of Saint Gertrude High School’s annual plays. The Saint Gertrude High School ladies also form our homecoming court as well as serve as sponsors of our senior officers.

Each senior Sponsoring Officer from Benedictine’s Corps of Cadets chooses one Saint Gertrude High School student from the senior or junior class to be his sponsor at special corps events such as Sponsors' Day, the Sponsors' Ball, and several drill competitions in which the young men participate.

Stuart Avenue Players
Many Cadets show off their thespian skills by participating in the Saint Gertrude High School/Benedictine Drama Club. This organization produces several plays over the course of the year.

During Homecoming weekend Benedictine plays a homecoming football game at its field. A vote is held at Benedictine College Preparatory to choose Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen princesses from the Saint Gertrude High School nominees. A senior princess is crowned queen during halftime. Many alum of both Benedictine and Saint Gertrude High School attend the game and have reunion events throughout the weekend.