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Strong Leadership

Benedictine has been producing leaders since 1911. Today, Cadets can be found in leadership positions throughout the country and around the globe.

That enlightening Benedictine presence has not come about through chance. Rather, it is a result of our focus on traditional education tenets that are grounded in classical education and strong faith. It is our ardent belief that an education must be backed by eternal truth. Otherwise, what is taught, and the discipline that is instilled, are but the opinion of the instructor, built on a weak foundation.

Don't be fooled into thinking Benedictine's strong leaders are that way purely because it is a military school. True, our military training program does teach a young man the value of maintaining a neat appearance. Certainly, our students learn some military fundamentals, such as marching and rank structures. But, it is the fact that we place our students in challenging situations--often leading their own peers--that is the kernel of Benedictine leadership. While those challenges are certainly present on the military side of the house, they are also prevalent on the academic, athletic and activity-based areas of our school.

Paramount to your son's development as a leader is the exposure he will have to strong positive role models. Benedictine prides itself on the plethora of strong, faith-filled personnel on its faculty and staff:

Folks that will take the lead in building your son
into the man you know he can be.