While other schools may have Military Leadership programs, Benedictine offers not only the leadership curriculum but also the ability to put the curriculum to work on a daily basis in a leadership lab atmosphere.

Learning leadership principles is great, but through our Corps of Cadets, we take leadership to the next level by providing a mechanism with which to put those principles to the test.

With daily opportunities to tackle the challenges of leadership, in concert with an outstanding leadership curriculum and extra-curricular activities such as leadership camps, Benedictine has been producing Christian men of conscience, discipline and achievement for over 100 years.

A Leadership Perspective - Mr. Mike Bumbulsky
A Leadership Perspective - Mr. Daniel Gill

Leadership Course Offerings

Leadership I

Students develop knowledge and understanding in basic leadership principles, conflict resolution techniques, develop team working skills, self-confidence, individual goal achievement, and learn school traditions. Elective topics include physical training/development, rope course activities and introduction to map reading/land navigation. Integrated with this course is a study and routine of physical education that develops a foundation for one to understand and appreciate its health benefits that are critical to our overall well-being. Through this, the young men of Benedictine will learn how to use physical education as a tool to further develop their overall character and well-being.

Credits: 1

Leadership II

Students focus on the development of knowledge and skills in wellness, fitness and first aid, (nutrition, first aid, injury prevention and drug awareness), citizenship and American government (group meeting process, constitutional rights and civil and military justice systems) and basic map reading. Elective topics include Physical Training/Development, rope course activities and map reading/land navigation.

Credits: 1

Leadership III

Leadership III offers advanced work in leadership theory and application (diversity, performance indicators, negotiation, decision making and problem solving, foundations for success (communication, personal organization, financial planning and career exploration), and continuation in the development of leadership, drill, physical training/development and other elective subjects introduced in Leadership I and II.

Credits: 1

Leadership IV & Honors Leadership IV

Students develop a knowledge and understanding of advanced leadership principals (power bases and influence, leadership styles, management skills and motivation); teaching skills (lesson development, delivery and feedback), financial management skills and outdoor survival skills. Also includes continuation in the development of leadership, drill, physical training/development and other previously introduced electives. Sponsoring officers can receive Honors credit for successful completion of assignments as specified by the instructor.

Credits: 1

Honors Prerequisite: sponsoring officer rank