The study of mathematics forms the basis of logical thought and problem solving. In an increasingly technological world, the knowledge of how mathematics is applied to present day problems is as important as the skill to apply these mathematics.

Math courses are intended to show the student the variety and depth of the topics where mathematics has made a significant impact in our present day world and to give them an appreciation for the power of mathematics as a problem-solving tool.

The following core values are fundamental to all of our math courses:

  • Thinking clearly and creatively.
  • Listening attentively and perceptively.
  • Applying critical thinking skills and basic arithmetic and algebraic skills to problem solving.
  • Instilling disciplined work habits.
  • Appreciating the usefulness of mathematics in understanding the real world.
  • Recognizing the application of mathematics to other fields of study.
The Math Department’s Curriculum includes: Algebra I, Algebra II and Honors Algebra II, Geometry and Honors Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus and AP Calculus, Statistics and Honors Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics. This curriculum provides all Cadets with a solid mathematics foundation to pursue their college degree of choice whether it be the math-intense programs found at our nation’s service academies (which several of our graduates attend) or the diverse offerings found throughout the prestigious colleges nationwide that are well-attended by our graduates.

We are particularly proud of the fact that over half of our seniors take calculus courses. It doesn't take a statistician to realize that is an impressive number.

Mathematics Course Offerings