The Science Department strives to build confidence in science and promote the critical reasoning skills necessary for cadets planning to continue their studies at the collegiate level. Through hands-on laboratory investigations, inquiry-based learning, and the integration of mathematical skills, Cadets learn to apply the scientific method in all disciplines and to connect science to real world applications.

Our curriculum begins with Physics I for freshmen where our Cadets enhance their algebraic skills as they investigate the fundamental laws of nature.

In their sophomore year Cadets take Chemistry, building upon the laws of physics as they study the structure and properties of matter. Biology follows in the junior year where Cadets utilize their chemical knowledge to explore the functions and processes of living organisms at the molecular level.

Science Course Offerings

Physics I & Honors Physics I

This laboratory-oriented course explores the laws of nature and the techniques of science. The course provides the basic background material and skills needed for later science courses. The descriptive approach to the study of physics is complemented by demonstrations and hands-on activities and will include a focus on basic problem solving techniques and strengthening students Algebra skills. The course covers Newtonian Mechanics in one dimension (motion, force momentum and energy), wave theory and its applications to sound and light, properties of matter, and atomic and nuclear physics. Laboratory exploration is an integral part of this course. Honors Physics I requires more analytical reasoning and more complex mathematical analysis.

Honors Prerequisites: Currently taking Honors Geometry.

Credits: 1 credit lab science

Chemistry & Honors Chemistry

An introductory chemistry course in which students investigate atomic structure, mole relationships, states of matter, balancing equations, stoichiometry, gas laws, solutions, acid-base chemistry, and electrochemistry. Laboratory investigations and problem solving is emphasized. The mathematical problem solving training begun in Physics I is built upon in this course. Honors provides more in-depth study of the same topics, more challenging problem solving and more inquiry-based laboratory investigations.

Prerequisites: Completion of Physics I and Algebra I.
Honors Prerequisites: Grade of 85 or better in Honors Physics I and Honors Algebra I.

Credits: 1 credit lab science

Biology & Honors Biology

This course is an introductory molecular biology class in which the student explores the living world from single cells to the biosphere, and includes the study of genetics and genetic engineering, energetics, diversity and unity of life, classification and human systems. Using students’ knowledge from Physics and Chemistry, molecular biology will prepare students for Advanced Placement and as well as college biology. Student learning is enhanced through laboratory and hands-on activities. Emphasis in the honors section is placed on scientific investigation and reasoning as the student learns to think critically, design experiments, analyze data and make informed conclusions.

Prerequisites: Completion of Chemistry.
Honors Prerequisites: Grade of 85 or better in Honors Chemistry.

Credits: 1 credit lab science

Topics in Biology

The course will examine topics a wide range of topics including Botany, Embryology, Human Disease & Cancer, Animal diversity & Bioethics. Students will investigate the interdisciplinary nature of biology with the other sciences and relate the sciences to their role in society.The course will include laboratory and field investigations.

Prerequisites: Recommendation of Biology teacher.

Credits: 1 credit lab science

Anatomy and Physiology

This lab-based course will delve into the study of human systems and the relationship between structure (anatomy) and function (physiology). Students will examine each system on both the microscopic and macroscopic level, observe open-heart surgery, and study a number of common disorders and diseases affecting human systems.

Prerequisites: Recommendation of Biology teacher.

1 credit lab science

Physics II & Honors Physics II

Physics II is a lab-based course which involves the relationship between matter and energy and their interactions in the fields of Newtonian mechanics in multiple dimensions, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, radiation, acoustics, and atomic structure.This course is mathematically rigorous and requires Algebra and Geometry.

Prerequisites: This course should be taken concurrently or after the completion of pre-calculus. ACT score of 23 or better.

Honors Prerequisites: This course should be taken concurrently or after the completion pre-calculus, or with the permission of the instructor; PSAT math score of 59 or SAT math score of 590.

Credits: 1 credit lab science

AP Chemistry

This is an advanced second year course in Chemistry that focuses on Equilibrium, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Electrochemistry in addition to a review of Stoichiometry, Gases, Atomic & Molecular Structure & Bonding. This is a lab and math intensive course which prepares the student for the Advanced Placement Chemistry Exam and to move directly into advanced Chemistry courses in college. Attendance at one early morning lab period each week is required.

Prerequisites: Grade of 90 in Honors Chemistry; grade of 90 in Honors Algebra II; PSAT math score of 56, PLAN math score of 23 or better, ACT math score of 23 or better, and recommendation.

Credits: 1 credit lab science