Summer Assignments

Summer assignments and summer reading at Benedictine help our students prepare for the rigor of the coming school year.

Each of the summer assignments below are for the grade and course that you will start in Fall 2019. Summer reading and summer assignments are far easier when you begin early!


Click HERE for the Summer Reading List (Grades 9-12)


  • English 9 - Be ready for a summer reading quiz on first day of school





Social Studies:


  • AP Studio Art (Drawing): Due on first day of class: A total of four artworks; three being previously completed art pieces from the past years; a fourth to be done over the summer.  On a minimum size sheet of 9x12 sketch paper, draw an interior space in graphite using one or two point perspective, proper measurement and scale, and value.
  • AP Studio Art: 3D Media (Ceramics) - Student must keep an 8.5" x 11'' spiral sketchbook with a minimum of 80 pages. Student will decide on and research their concentration topic and a minimum of 10 professional 3D media artists with a maximum of 20 professional 3D media artists. These artists do not have to be historically famous as long as they are professional artists. Students will take brief notes on their concentration and print out a minimum of 4 artworks from each artist that inspires them, then tape or glue them into their sketchbook. With each collection, the student will draw an artwork they want to create in response to the professional artwork. They MAY NOT copy what the artist has done. This serves as a starting point for their own creations. Students must fill the front and back of all 80 pages with research, artwork, and student artwork.


Hazlitt, Henry “Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics” ISBN-13: 978-0517548233