Middies Programs

The Benedictine Middies Programs

The Benedictine Middies Programs were started by a group of dedicated alums in 2006. The school made a proposal to the Superintendent of Catholic Grade Schools and, with the permission of the Bishop, was allowed to start the Middies Football Program.

It was truly a great day for Catholic Schools. Football was back after a 25-year absence. That was the beginning of the Middies Programs at Benedictine. The program has grown and now includes baseball, lacrosse and wrestling. These programs reinforce the mission of Benedictine, building young men of:


The Middies Programs also allow Benedictine to have quality players as soon as they arrive at Benedictine for their high school athletic career.

For more information on each program, please contact the team coaches below.

Middies Football: Scott Wilson - sw@scottwilsonlaw.com
Middies Baseball: Matt Smith - magnoliaconstruction@comcast.net
Middies Wrestling: John Thoma - middies.wrestling.bcp@gmail.com
Middies Lacrosse: Zach Schultes - bcplaxcoach@gmail.com