Sure, every school has orientation of some sort. Certainly, just like with those other orientations, ours will provide each Cadet with an understanding of where the cafeteria is located, how to get between classes and who your teachers will be.

Benedictine's orientation, however, is so much more than that.

Freshman Orientation

During the first semester of your years at Benedictine, you will take on challenges that will require thinking, teamwork, physical toughness and courage. You'll garner a solid understanding of what leadership means, as well as its importance, at Benedictine.

Most importantly, you'll form friendships throughout the first semester with Cadets you'd not known before, but who will be with you every step of the way.

We're proud of how our Freshman and Transfer Orientation challenges and rewards our incoming Cadets. We love the way newly enrolled Cadets emerge from this unique experience with strong bonds of loyalty in place.

Orientation is an experience that sets the tone of a four-year commitment of success and brotherhood for every member of our CORPS.

Field Day

Early each school year, the Corps celebrates a "Field Day" at Mary Mother of the Church Abbey, along with their peers from Saint Gertrude High School. Each Cadet is on his section or class's "team" (e.g. Cadets and Gatos in the freshmen class would be competing against Cadets and Gators from the sophomore, junior and senior classes).

This year, in a mighty flexing of muscle, the freshmen team won the much-vaunted tug-of-war competition. Cadet Company Commanders are responsible for organizing their teams to cover a sports schedule that has multiple teams playing at the same time. Various points for the Commandant's Cup are awarded to the top finishers in the events, and a Field Day Team Champion is determined.

The Cadets compete in a number of sports activities including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, running, dodgeball, etc.... BCP staff and faculty serve as referees and officials of the events.

The Figure

Benedictine Cadets participate in numerous formal and informal events throughout the year.

These events that occur at the beginning of each year offer a great opportunity for BCP Cadets to meet their peers at their sister school, Saint Gertrude High School.

The Figure, held at the end of the year, allows for Cadets to celebrate the unique traditions of Benedictine, while providing them an opportunity to learn and practice proper etiquette for a formal event.

Cadet Cheering Section

A hallmark of Benedictine is its Cadet Cheering Section. The cheering section at the Memorial Gymnasium is in a “Cadets Only” designated area and is filled with Cadets shouting old and new cheers.

A cheering section is also found in the northern portion of the stands at Bobby Ross Stadium for football games.For every BCP score at a football game, freshmen and new students race in front of the stands with a BCP flag and perform a limited number of pushups.