In General

BCP nurtures high-achieving leaders with conscience who are highly respected in personal, public, and professional arenas.

Cadets discover and develop leadership styles that best suit their personality and strengths through hands-on, peer-led challenges and earned leadership roles that hone spiritual, physical and critical thinking skills. They learn how to follow, lead, put their best gifts to work and identify others’ strong suits, in both structured and unexpected situations.

It would be easy to call Benedictine primarily a military school.  True, the military has been a unique driver since our school's inception in 1911.  Rather than train soldiers, however, Benedictine inspires leaders.

It would also be easy to define Benedictine solely as a Catholic school.  True, when the Benedictine monks founded the school they did so on a foundation of their faith's principles.

And it would be easy to brand Benedictine simply as an all-boys school.  While it is certainly that, it is so because of the benefits that type of environment accrues to our students.

In fact, Benedictine is a blend of those three attributes (in addition to others, such as academic excellence), and that blend results in a leadership-enabling school.  Each contributes powerfully to the making of a Benedictine Man.

We believe our role in society is greater than just preparing our students for college.  We prepare them to be responsible members of society:  solid students at the next level, successful careerists and, eventually, loving husbands and dedicated parents.