Formation of a Leader

Freshman Year

Highlights: Orientation, Cadet of the Month/Quarter/Year

Rank range: Private to Private First Class

Leadership opportunities: May join drill team or Honor Platoon or serve as guidon bearer.

Brief Description: During your first year, you'll spend most of your time just getting used to the Benedictine way.

What you'll learn: How to wear your uniform; basic military formation facts; how to march.

In this case: Luke came to Benedictine following eighth grade at St. Mary's. He finished up his freshman year with the rank of private.

Sophomore Year

Highlights: Individual Drill, Getting rank

Rank Range: Private to Staff Sergeant

Leadership Opportunities: May serve as a squad leader or guidon bearer.

Brief Description: During your second year, you may well find yourself in a leadership position, such as squad leader or guidon bearer.

What you'll learn: How to lead in a small unit setting.

In this case: Luke served as a squad leader with the rank of staff sergeant.

Junior Year

Highlights: .Summer orientation for first sergeants and above, first year of platoon or company leadership opportunities, platoon drill.

Rank Range: Private to Sergeant Major

Brief Description: During your third year, you and your classmates will prepare to take the reins your senior year. A number of noncommissioned officer position are available for the junior class.


What you'll learn: How to incorporate all of your leadership training. How to take charge and resolve situations.

In this case: Luke served as first sergeant of C Company.


Senior Year

Highlights: Conducting orientation for freshmen and leadership camp for junior leaders.

Rank Range: Private to Lieutenant Colonel (Battalion Commander)

Brief Description: You and your peers are in charge of all officer positions. You can be on staff or a company commander. You help plan and execute such activities as the Christmas parade, the Figure and the Sponsors' Ball.

What you'll learn: How to manage large groups and get the most out of your peers while setting an example for those who are younger.

In this case: Having served as commander of C Company, Luke will attend the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy following his graduation from Benedictine in June.