Old School

We believe that fewer distractions lead to greater concentration and a better learning environment.  And we are not alone in that belief.

At Benedictine, we utilize a tried-and-true approach to the development of our young men. We rely on textbooks and notebooks–the paper kind. Our teachers are present, responsive and active.  Our no-phone policy helps our students maintain focus. We do, of course, believe that technology has its place, but that it is subordinate to the face-to-face human interaction that drives all areas of our curriculum and our school culture.

Because our students are able to unplug while they are at school, they are able to escape from the digital world for eight hours each school day.

What we think you’ll like most (and what we know our students like most) is the active engagement of the Benedictine teachers.  They truly get to know their students and figure out how to inspire them to realize their potential.  And it doesn’t get any more “old school” than that.