Why We are the Best in this Field

Since 1911 Benedictine has been forming young men of discipline, conscience and achievement. Along the way, we've learned what makes our Cadets tick: what motivates them, builds them up and drives them toward success in the fields they choose. 

While there are many fine academic programs in the area, Benedictine stands out for its leadership development.  Why?

1. Attendance and Punctuality:
From the morning's first formation through the end of the academic day, all of our faculty members hold students accountable for being present and on-time.  Our students come to know how important "showing up" is in life.

2. Challenge:
Cadets learn to surmount what life throws at them, because we throw challenges at them.  From figuring out how to get to his next class in the allotted four minutes to orchestrating a military ball with our sister school, Cadets face real-life challenges that have been time-tested to help them mature.

3. Brotherhood:
It typically takes less than a month for new students to find that they have developed an affinity for their classmates, if not for the entire school.  The challenges that freshmen face force them to come together as one.  That unity builds throughout a young man's time here and that is the start of a lifetime of brotherhood.

4. Experience:
We recruit leaders to develop leadership in our young men.  Our faculty includes superb teachers, many of whom developed strong leadership in the business world, the military and in the public sector.  A good number of our teachers are, themselves, Benedictine graduates who have come back to return the favor.

5. Opportunity:
Because of our unique configuration and small size, we are able to offer real-life leadership opportunities unlike any other school.  The opportunities exist in the classroom, on the field of play, within the Corps of Cadets and in many facets of Cadet life.