In the Brotherhood

The leadership traits and skills you develop while at Benedictine will last you a lifetime. 

One of those traits that we feel is most valuable has to do with the social side of things:  the camaraderie you find with your fellow Cadets.

That camaraderie translates into a couple of ways.  First, the lifelong friendships form a strong and enduring network of Cadets who look out for one another.  There are so many Cadets who find that their best friends--the ones they have for life--are those with whom they attended Benedictine.  Second, our unique approach and structure enables young men to hone the skills required to build strong relationships and a sense of unity in order to get things done.

BCP’s combined faith-based and military approach cultivates an academic environment enriched by a unique, lasting camaraderie born from shared lessons and traditions focused on pride, personal accountability, social responsibility, self-discipline, spiritual practice, and inner strength. The resulting bonds connect Cadets and alumni of all ages in a committed support system for life and elevates graduates’ preparedness for college and post-college life.

These bonds are manifest in the long line of "brothers" who have made a difference in a wide array of areas, including business, politics, entertainment and, most importantly, in family life.