A Life-Long Benefit

Alumni Association

It is essential that the alumni support the activities and objectives of Benedictine and create a culture where information about issues, challenges, needs and achievements of Benedictine and its students is available from a single, consistent source. There is no better time to continue to support the Benedictine Alumni Association, whose mission is to support the traditions, activities, objectives and principles of the school.

The goals of the Alumni Association will be to:

  • Organize the alumni base of BCP
  • Provide a consistent source of information about BCP events and alumni
  • Provide leadership opportunities to enhance the personal and professional development of BHS alumni
  • Sponsor, support and operate BCP events
  • Partner with the Benedictine Society of Virginia to ensure the legacy of BCP
  • Promote the BCP mission and principles to the greater community

As with most alumni associations, membership will require the payment of yearly and/or lifetime dues. All dues and funds collected by the Alumni Association will be restricted gifts and deposited into an “Alumni Association Fund” account. Before each academic year, the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association will determine, after input from the Advancement Office and the general membership of the Alumni Association, how the funds will be distributed. Membership in the Alumni Association will provide certain benefits to its members, via discounts, specials and other benefits to local businesses.

We are excited about the Benedictine Alumni Association and its potential impact on Benedictine for the next 100 years. The Alumni Association will be the “unified voice” of the alumni of Benedictine to help foster a culture of collaboration between the alumni, Benedictine and the community as a whole and to pass down the rich traditions and history of Benedictine to future generations of Cadets.

Yearly membership is from July 1st through June 30th . Registration form and online payment options are below, if you would like to pay by check please mail dues to:

Benedictine College Preparatory ATTN: Advancement Office 12829 River Road Richmond, VA 23238 Please contact Lori Schattner with any questions at (804) 708-9511 or lschattner@benedictinecollegeprep.org.

Benedictine Families

Many Richmond-area families have sent generation after generation of their sons to Benedictine. 

At our most recent graduation, for example, we noted the graduation of a fourth-generation Benedictine man.

The Richmond landscape is also dotted with families that include Benedictine graduates as well as Saint Gertrude High School alumnae.  In some cases,  Benedictine grads married their Saint Gertrude sweethearts (and vice-versa) and the resultant children of those unions attended both of the schools!

While we are proud of such legacies, and rightly celebrate them, the fact is every Benedictine Cadet may apply the "Benedictine Family" moniker to his true family.  Whether that pride of joining translates into a green gothic "B" on the bumper of the family roadster or a stint at our dining facility, helping to feed the Cadets, we want you to consider our family to be your family.

Shared Experiences

The Class of '18 Shares Some Tales

Josh Brown has a story to tell, by way of Ike Andrews.

Class time with Senior Josh Brown is anything but dull. His reputation follows him to every single class he signs up for at Benedictine and in this case, on the road. This is the story of Josh Brown skipping a study hall to go get some food, only to be caught on the road by the dreaded Colonel York.

“Andrew Mulvin and myself thought we were allowed to leave for our study hall, so we headed to McDonalds.” By the time these two Cadets found out there was no permission to leave, it was too late. They turned around and headed back to the Abbey only to pass Colonel York on the road. “As we passed him, he immediately recognized us, and stared us down,” stated Brown.

They arrived back to school in hopes they got away with it, since he did not follow them back into the school. They went two classes into the day, thinking everything was fine. Then, out of nowhere, on their way to the lunch room, York awaited their arrival, ready to “crush them,” as he says.

With no hesitation, York ordered them to put on aprons and serve lunch to the rest of the school. They had been inducted to the legendary ISS (In School Suspension). They spent the rest of the day being ridiculed by York as they were forced to walk around the school in green aprons cleaning anything and everything we were told to clean.

Luke Royster has a story to tell, by way of Chris Collins.

The time that Cadets get to socialize and make jokes with their friends is during the lunch period. The cafeteria is the home of the spinning of the orientation wheel, the loud yelling when a cup bounces on the ground and the famous Chick-fil-A Tuesdays. Also, where Royster has experienced his funniest memory since he transferred his sophomore year to Benedictine from James River High School.

Last year, during second lunch, Royster was enjoying his food and partaking in a conversation with his friends. This was the average lunch period for him and his fellow Cadets, but soon there would be a distinct change. In the midst of throwing a fruit snack in the air and trying to catch it with his mouth, he and his buddies heard a loud sound. “Out of nowhere I heard a smack,” Royster said. “We did not know where it came from, so we looked all around the cafeteria.”

While everyone was looking around aimlessly Royster caught a glimpse at the glass doors that one passes before entering the cafeteria. He noticed a man walking away from the glass doors and he was shaking his head holding a coffee mug. “When we turned to the glass doors, all you could see was the backside of Coach Arnold,” Royster said. “We did not make anything of it because he was walking away quickly.”

Finally Royster and the crew put ‘two and two’ together. They realized Coach Arnold had mistaken the clear glass doors for the opening. “The thing that gave it away was the greasy mustache print that he had left,” Royster said. “We knew it was the connection of his face to the unforgivable glass that made the loud smack.”

Royster and his friends proceeded to chuckle in laughter. Another staff member fell victim to Ron’s superb window cleaning this day. This time it was the ol’ wily veteran that had to chalk this one up as an "L."

Daric Cotman has a story to tell, by way of Jaymare Fleming.

Benedictine is full of characters: a Dynamic character that stood out to me was Cotman. If you don’t know Cotman, he is a fun guy to be around. He always brings joy to a room and, standing at 6’4, he always makes his presence known. In this instance, he sought out joy throughout the school after his rippling experience.

It all started in Mr. Gibral’s poetry class, Cotman forgot his uniform pants in the locker after football practice, forcing him to borrow a pair from a fellow offensive lineman. Daric being such a large man, the pants did not fit to his liking. His passion for the Corps forced him to carry on throughout the day with the too-small pants: poor decision.

As he was taking his seat after prayer in poetry class, Cotman started to hear a ripping sound and started to feel a slight breeze on his back-side. The class was in an up-roar: Cotman had split his pants! Cotman’s response to this scary accident was, “I ran out of the classroom in a hurry. All of my classmates were laughing at me, I was extremely embarrassed.”

Though this incident was embarrassing, Cotman tried to implement a new uniform accessory by wearing his sweater around his waist for the rest of the day!  What a day for Cotman!