Defining "Legacy"

The moment you don the Benedictine uniform--whether that be military or athletic--you become a part of the Long Green Line.  We don't believe there are "Benedictine Families."  Instead, we know there is one Benedictine family

As with any family, participation in activities varies between members. That holds true both during Cadets' time in school and in their roles as alumni. But know this:  Everyone who has donned the Benedictine green is always welcome at any and all activities.

Our alumni association is quite active in its support of the school and in ensuring that all of our much-loved traditions are maintained and well-supported.

But, it is the connections of the Benedictine brotherhood that continue to pay dividends throughout a Cadet's life. We have a long history of legacy and all that comes with it, whether that be as simple as former classmates getting together for a meal, for a football game or for the purpose of starting a company together.

You see the Gothic green "B" on the backs of cars all over the greater Richmond area.  For many, that signage means nothing.  But for those who have become a part of the Benedictine community, it means that a fellow Cadet (or someone loved by him) is behind the wheel of that car.