Corps of Cadets

Corps Events

Mandatory Core Events - ALL CADETS are required to attend; any exception must be arranged with, and are at the discretion of, the Commandant, Brooks York 

  • Commissioning Exercise, September, Sheppard Street Gymnasium
    • Senior Officers (Lieutenants and above) are commissioned and receive their sabers
  • Sponsors' Day Review, September, parade deck
    • Each senior Sponsoring Officer (Captains and above) from Benedictine’s Corps of Cadets chooses one Saint Gertrude student from the senior or junior class to be his sponsor at special corps events such as Sponsors Day, Sponsors Ball, and several drill competitions in which the young men compete.
  • Sponsors' Presentation and Ball, Saturday, in December, Sheppard Street Gymnasium
    • Sponsors are presented to the community (similar to a Debutante Presentation), prior to the Ball; a Sponsoring Officer's "Little Brother" is asked to deliver a bouquet of roses to the Sponsor, for which he receives a kiss on the cheek
    • Cadets are strongly encouraged to ask a date to the Ball (for this event, a Cadet's date does not need to attend Saint Gertrude);
  • Homecoming Football Game, Fall
    • A formal parade of Cadets occurs prior to the start of the game
  • Veterans' Day Review, November 11
  • Orientation Finale, Mid-November            
  • All Freshman/New Students complete their orientation period with a 2-night stay at Camp Brady Saunders, Goochland
  • Individual Drill, Late-November
  • Dominion Christmas Parade, December
  • Squad Drill, Mid-March
  • Platoon Drill, Mid-April
  • Speech Festival, Late April    
  • Military Awards Day, Mid-May    
  • Memorial Day & Change of Command Ceremony, Late May

Leadership Positions

Leadership positions for 2018-19

Position Name
Battalion Commander Bradford Dudley
Battalion Executive Officer Blake Smith
Operations Officer (S3) Peter McNamara
Assistant Operations Officer Mitchell Hoag
Inspector General Josh Yost
Assistant IG Dominic Pastore
Security (S2) Phillip Carreras
Assistant S2 Andrew Puccinelli
Supply (S4) Alex Donnini
Assistant S4 Keon Coley
Provost Marshall Alex Markus
Assistant Provost Hunter Buchbinder
Assistant Provost Wyatt Deloria
Assistant Provost John Horton
Ordinance Cole Lewis
Adjutant (S1) Gabriel Bowman
Chaplain Alejandro Hernandez
Assistant Chaplain Samuel Bentley
Public Affairs Jack Carpin
Assistant Public Affairs Officer Cole Simon
JAG Ryan Corbett
Colors Officer Ben Walls
Communications Pinzon-Leon
Assistant Communications Officer J.D. Kuchta
Headquarters Commander Casey Green
Headquarters Executive Officer Kyle Hendricks
A Company Commander D'Andre Tobias
A Company Executive Officer Matthew Brooks
B Company Commander Benjamin Amonette
B Company Executive Officer Austin Tootle
C Company Commander Savion Washington
C Company Executive Officer Jakob Honsharuk
Pipe and Drum Commander Axel Espina
Pipe and Drum Executive Officer Gregory Korb
Honor Platoon Commander Oliver Sibal
Honor Platoon Executive Officer Noah Madel
Command Sergeant Major Charlie Garbett

Meet the BC

Meet Bradford Dudley:
2018-19 Battalion Commander


1. What are your main objectives as you take the reins?

I'd like to make sure that freshmen are incorporated into all aspects of the Corps.  I also want the Benedictine Corps of Cadets to look amazing--to be the best corps in all of Virginia and for all Cadets to take pride in it.

2. How did you get to us?

I came to Benedictine as a freshman from Saint Benedict's Catholic School.

3. In what activities are you involved?

I put my studies first, so being in the National Honor Society, Model General Assembly and Model Judiciary are high on the list.  I'm in our Emmaus group and play baseball (catcher), to name a few others.

4.  Who or what most inspired you, from a leadership perspective?

The senior officers during my freshman year.  I wanted to be just like them.

5. How are your grades?

I currently carry a 4.5 GPA.

6.  Favorite song?

"Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

7.  Favorite candy bar?

Kit Kat

8.  Favorite thing at the school dining facility?

Chicken Nugget Day.  There's just something about them.

9. Would you tell some little-known facts about yourself?

I read a ton.  It's one of my favorite things to do. 

10.  Given that, what's your favorite book?

The "Dark Tower" series by Stephen King.