Getting Started


Orientation is a decades-old Benedictine tradition that has developed into an important tool to unite new students and Cadets.

Over time, we have developed our current orientation program, which is a central part of building the esprit de corps, discipline and leadership qualities in our new students.  It is difficult to find a current Cadet or alumnus who does not remember his Orientation fondly.

All new students participate in Orientation under the supervision of our highest-ranking seniors.  They, in turn are supervised by our military instructors.  The main activities are:  a) a week-long session before the start of the school year b) Tuesday morning sessions c) morale building at all home football games, d) a weekend at Camp Brady Saunders.

Freshmen and other new students are recognized by their Garrison cap and by wearing their nametag on the left side of their uniform.         In the program, freshmen and other new students must follow the directions of senior Cadets (within the limits set forth by Benedictine Administration). 

Originally, the Orientation program lasted the entire academic year; today, the "Orientation Finale,"  weekend stay at Camp Brady Saunders brings Orientation activities to a close in November.

All interactions, questions, and assignments of seniors with new students will be educational, ethical and safe Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cpl. Brooks York, Commandant

Resources for new students:   

  • Big Brother                 
  • Company Commanders and Cadet Lieutenants    
  • Battalion Officers                     
  • Cadet Staff Officers, Battalion Executive Officer and Battalion Commander
  • Military Officers            
  • Cpl. York, Commandant
  • Important Items for New Students During Orientation    
  • STEDAC: important to memorize
  • Poster every Friday for all games


As you prepare for your big step, we recommend that you consider the following in order to be ready for what awaits.

1.  Get organized.
Make sure you have your uniforms, and you understand what is what.  Nobody wants you to show up wearing a belt buckle on his hat

2.  Get in shape.
Learn how to do a good pushup and how to do at least 10 at one time.

3.  Learn where things are located.
And know how long of a commute you have to school each way.  Nobody wants to show up late on the very first day of Orientation.  Unless, of course, you want to show off your pushup skills!

4.  Be prepared to accept constructive criticism.
Any such advice is given with the intent of making you a better leader, in the long run.

5.  Be ready for a heavy class load.
Freshmen typically carry eight courses.

6.  Be prepared to eat fast.
Lunch is a rapid-fire 25 minutes long. But, it's goooooood eatin'.

7.  Be prepared to move quickly.
We have four minutes between classes!

8.  Familiarize yourself with the STEDAC (the Cadet handbook).
It's a trove of information.

9. Learn to ask for help.
All of us--students, faculty and staff--want to see Benedictine students succeed.  They are there to answer questions and help those who need it.

10.  Be ready to make friends.
Our freshmen typically bond together through Orientation and the rigors of a first year.


When you join the team, you can expect an action-packed first year.  There's no mincing around the fact that we make freshman year a challenging one.  And we do so on purpose and with a purpose:  To start you on your way to becoming a leader.

Things that are big changes for nearly everyone include addressing adults and superiors with "sir," getting used to wearing a uniform (and ensuring you're in the right uniform), keeping a tidy locker, being on time at the places you're expected to be (especially the classroom) and going through Orientation.

Orientation is a challenge and an opportunity.  During the first week, there's a lot of noise and a few pushups.  But we have yet to meet the young man that doesn't have the ability to hack it.  You will learn from a great bunch of seniors how to do things the Benedictine way--the right way.

But the best thing to expect is the fantastic opportunity we provide to bond with your fellow classmates.  There is no other school in this area that goes to such great lengths in providing such a chance for camaraderie.  It is the start of smashing friendships--and they will endure for the rest of your life.

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