Leadership Structure


All Cadets attend formation at the start and end of the school day. Formations last roughly 10-15 minutes each and serve four primary purposes.

1. Attendance and Punctuality:
Morning and afternoon
formations are a good way to account for all students' presence on the school grounds. Attendance is taken by the Corps leadership every day and a status is issued to the Commandant.

2. Public Affairs:
Morning and afternoon formation give the CORPS a public forum for the distribution of critical information, from both a military and non-military standpoint.

3. Leadership Development:
Morning and afternoon formations are a way for Cadets to develop as leaders. All aspects of formation are executed by the student body. From the adjutant issuing school news to sergeants inspecting for proper uniforms to the battalion commander issuing an order of "present arms" as the flag is raised to the reveille each morning, everything is handled by Cadets.

4. Camaraderie and Friendship:
Morning and afternoon formations help develop a sense of pride, camaraderie and friendship among the CORPS of Cadets: a unique experience of being a Cadet at Benedictine.


We wear uniforms to keep things simple and to ensure, well, uniformity!

Our Cadets are advised well ahead of time as to the week's uniforms so that they may arrive at school looking sharp and dressed properly.

Our haircut policy is in place to ensure Cadets maintain a crisp and neat appearance. 

Hair is to be off the collar and off the ear.  Additionally, students are charged with keeping themselves free of facial hair (beards, mustaches, etc.).

Class A

The Class A uniform is primarily 
worn for major events, such as
the Figure and the Sponsors Ball

Class B

The Class B uniform is worn
more often than any other. As such
an extra shirt or two come in handy.

Dress A

The Dress A uniform is considered to
be our snazziest.  Sponsoring officers 
wear white hats with this one.

Dress B

A bit dressier than the Class B
uniform, the Dress B swaps out
the gray shirt for a white one.


The ACU is usually worn on Thursdays
during the school year.  Note the boots
that compliment the uniform.


Company Group Photos

Company A
Captain Will Garbett

Company B
Captain Frankie Boehling

Company C
Captain Tim Grumblatt

Headquarters Company
Captain Tony Ibanez

Battalion Staff
Lieutenant Colonel John Colizzi

Uniform Care

     Headgear is required AT ALL TIMES when outside and during special ceremonies     

    All new students wear the Garrison Cap

     Returning students wear the Wheel Cap

     PROMINENTLY put your son's name in his headgear and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE him to keep it secured in his locker during the school day.

     The Black Cadet Jacket is the only jacket to be worn by a Cadet while IN UNIFORM!              

     Cadets will be notified when jackets may be worn to formation      

     Cadets may wear plain black gloves with the jacket

     The Green & White Cadet Jacket (which may be ordered thru the Cadet Shop) IS NOT a military uniform item and MAY NOT be worn while the Cadet is in uniform.            

     Cadet Jackets may be ordered as a keepsake. A Varsity/JV Letter may be sewn on the jacket.

     New uniforms may be purchased, if outgrown or damaged, thru the Quartermaster, along with all accessories.

     Replacement nametags are 2 for $5.00

     PLEASE encourage your sons to bring their PE uniforms home at least weekly to be laundered!!

     ACU's (Army Combat Uniform) are to be worn for PT (Physical Training). ACU's will be provided by BCP. Each cadet will be required to purchase tan military boots on his own          

     Spirit Day Attire - on certain days, as designated by school administration, Cadets will be allowed to come to school in BCP branded street clothes. Specific guidelines regarding "Spirit Attire" can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

     Both gray and white shirts are machine wash & dry 

     Shirts should be ironed - PERFECT TIME TO TEACH YOUR BOYS A NEW SKILL!

     Pants should be hemmed with a "West Point Cut" to the top of the 2nd lacing hole in front and the top of the heel in the back             

     Pants will last longer if they are Dry Cleaned, BUT, they may be machine washed & hung to dry           

     May be ironed if necessary, but ONLY on LOW, otherwise they will get shiny!!!

     Shoes - if your son damages the first pair through negligence or loses them, replacements can be purchased through the Quartermaster, Mr. Nolte McCarthy: nmccarthy@benedictinecollegeprep.org           

     Baby wipes are excellent for cleaning shoes on a regular basis                                        

     glass/multipurpose cleaners cause the patent leather to crack       

     Kiwi Honor Guard Edge Dressing may be used once a week at most; apply & dry in a well ventilated area - DO NOT WALK ON CARPETS UNTIL COMPLETELY DRY!!!!

     DO NOT USE Kiwi Leather Scuff Cover or other Shoe Polish         

     Belt Buckle can be buffed with a soft, dry towel