Meet the Commandant


Benedictine College Prep stated off the 2020-2021 school year with a brand new commandant of Cadets. Mr. Walker has taken up the immense task from Captain Long (USMC). He takes the position, not as a man with a military background, but as a man who hopes to make the commandant's position more than just that of a disciplinarian. 

In this sense Mr. Walker is eminently qualified for the job, as he has taught the majority of the senior officers and has built  strong relationships with them. Through all of his classes and the sports he coaches he has interacted with the majority of the upperclassman. “The commandant is meant to be more than just a disciplinarian,” stated Mr. Long. “He is someone who the Cadets should be able to come and talk to.”  

The most important part of the job is being a mentor to the Cadets. Someone who the Cadets can trust and talk to. Cadets' lives outside of school can be stressful. The ability to go talk to someone outside of  a Cadets parents who is not trying to give you a medical evaluation is something that sets Benedicting apart from all other schools in the area  

At Benedictine Mr. Walker teaches Government and World History 2. He has taught AP Macro Econ, World Geography and World History 1. “Mr. Walker gives a hands-on experience,” stated Aiden Gore ‘21 when asked about being taught by Mr. Walker. “To whatever he talks about and approaches his teaching in an involved fun manner.” 

Mr. Walker has been at Benedictine for almost a decade, but before coming here he taught at Hargrave Military Academy and was a captain in the Virginia Militia. He has served Benedictine in many different ways: He has led the Model General Assembly club, and coached the JV football team and the JV baseball team. 

Mr. Walker, at the direction of Mr. Bussman, has assumed the rank of colonel. You can spot Colonel Walker either in BDUs, an old US Army camouflage uniform or the current US Army class B’s (a white shirt and blue pants). “Definitely a little weird,” Brenden Wright ‘21 a senior said when asked about seeing Mr. Walker in uniform. “It is awesome to see the effort that he puts into it and how he is working to be Commandant.” 

Ever since Mr. Long left, Colonel Walker has been working to improve the school's military department. He spent many hours of  the summer in the cold, strangely moist arms room in order to get the school’s supply office ready for uniform-issuing day. 

He was not without help this summer. Many of the BCP Sponsoring Officers came to help issue uniforms to their fellow Cadets. “Without Colonial Walker organizing and preparing the arms room,” stated Daniel Mouser ‘21 when asked about passing out uniforms over the summer. “It would not have been possible to issue all the uniforms before the start of school.” 

The Commandant's Cup is back this year as well, the school has had a few competitions with the freshman representing each company. So far this year the competitions have been: who can do the most pushups, an egg race and a dance off.

This school year is full of changes but it looks like the future is bright for the Cadets and Colonial Walker.