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Battle of the Brains

Battle of the Brains

The Battle of the Brains is a Richmond area academic competition that has existed since 1975, televised since 1979. In it area school academic teams face off in a bracket style championship competition with each round pitting teams of four students per school answering questions from a vast variety of topics ranging including social sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, art, literature, culture, and current events.

The 2015-2016 Benedictine team consists of seniors Ethan Gleberman, Will Mauer, and Alex Schattner, as well as juniors Gene Kastelberg, Christian Bolton, and Luke Sykes.

In our first competition, we defeated Colonial Heights with a last-question correct answer, giving us a 5-point victory. Unfortunately, this was our shining moment as we lost handily in the next round to a strong Fluvanna High School team.

Group Point of Contact:

Emmaus Group

Emmaus Group

The Emmaus Group was started during the 2013-14 school year. It provides a means of exploring the possibility of a vocational calling. Additionally, it promotes leadership of our students within the Church.

The group currently has about a dozen and a half members. It meets the first Friday of each month during the school year. Typically, a priest will discuss his experiences while sharing lunch with the Cadets. Membership is open only to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Members are expected to perform one of several functions during Corps Mass: ushering, singing in the choir, serving on the altar or reading scripture.

During the past two years, the group has made a journey to Washington, D.C. One year, the trip was a team-building exercise which included attending a Washington Nationals baseball game. The next year, the trip was even more exciting, as the Emmaus Group helped welcome Pope Francis to D.C.

Group Point of Contact: Mr. Grapes

Key Club

The Key Club

The Benedictine Key Club is a student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.Our Key Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Richmond.

The Kiwanis Club of Richmond provides oversight and community service opportunities to our club members as well as scholarship opportunities.

The operation of one of the water points for the Richmond Monument Avenue 10K Race is the major annual event that Benedictine jointly supports with the Kiwanians. Benedictine Key Clubbers also plan, organize and execute many other community service activities throughout the year. 


Club Point of Contact: Mr. Bumbulsky

Latin Club

The Latin Club

The Latin Club promotes appreciation for Greek and Roman culture, tradition, language, and literature, and the study of the Classics. Benedictine sponsors chapters of the Virginia Junior Classical League, the National Junior Classical League, and the National Latin Honor Society. These chapters attend and compete in the VJCL Latin Convention and engage in service throughout the community. 

Club Point of Contact: Ms. Lonergan                                                   

Model Judiciary

Model Judiciary

The Model Judiciary group affords Benedictine students the opportunity to experience life as a trial attorney. The group meets once a week (usually on Mondays) from January through March with a pair of local attorneys. Members assume roles such as lead prosecutor, assistant prosecutor and witness.

The culmination comes when the team stands off against a group from another school. They try their case in front of an actual judge. This year, the Benedictine squad won its case against Prince George at the appellate level.

Members of the group learn how the legal system works, learn how to cite case law and garner a richer ability to think in an integrative fashion while applying sound logic.

This year's team consisted of (in photo above, left to right): Gene Kastelberg, Charlie Wayland, Alex Williams, Jacob Lingle and Christian Bolton. Not pictured: Harry Young.

Faculty Point of Contact: Mrs. Robinson

National Honor Society

National Honor Society

Each year a large number of Benedictine students are selected for induction into the National Honor Society. Rising seniors are selected based on their adherence to the Society's four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service and character. A GPA of 3.5 or higher is required. Each faculty and staff member is given the opportunity to review and rate the candidates. After much discussion and careful consideration of each candidate's merits, selection is made by majority vote of the Council.

Members of this exclusive group may be identified by the distinctive light blue sash that is worn over their tunics at certain occasions and in their senior portraits.

The group's motto is noblesse oblige, which loosely translates from the French as: One must act in a fashion that conforms with one's position and with the reputation that one has earned.

Group Point of Contact: Mrs. Robinson

Congratulations to members of the National Honor Society from our Class of '17:

  • Mauricio Acosta
  • Caleb Autry
  • Brady Biller
  • Christian Bolton
  • Gray Breeden
  • Timothy Corbett
  • Graham Flinn
  • Julio Garcia
  • Justin Henry
  • Gene Kastelberg
  • Dean Ngendikuriyo
  • Eli Ottinger
  • Collin Short
  • Luke Sykes
  • Cody Turner
  • Henry Vita

Spanish Club

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is intended to promote an appreciation for the Spanish language and culture. We plan and implement educational activities for Hispanic Heritage Month, participate in a community service project each semester, and read in Spanish at local elementary schools for Read Across America Day.

Club Point of Contact: Mrs. Esparza



RAMPS stands for Ramp Access Made Possible by Students. RAMPS is a nonprofit organization that provides pre-fabricated modular ramps to wheelchair bound individuals. The organization was started by three high school students ten years ago.

With our newly formed club the organization is up to 8 total clubs operating in high schools all over the Richmond area. The organization allows high school students the opportunity to truly change the lives of those less fortunate, while also developing team work, leadership, and fundraising experience.

This past December, our club was fortunate enough to build and successfully complete our first two ramp projects. The ramps were already fully funded and in desperate need for a club to step up and take the reins on the assembly/installation work.

We saw a great opportunity and volunteered to take on both projects, delivering both ramp recipients an early Christmas present during the holiday season.

Point of Contact: Mr. Berling.

Model General Assembly

Model General Assembly

Model General Assembly is a club where students act as state legislators, spending the majority of the year working on a proposed law of their choice that they will present at the MGA Conference in April.

It offers students the opportunity to get hands-on experience of the legislative process, sharpens debate skills, and allows them the chance to interact with other MGA students throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This year, there were four cadets involved in MGA: Tristan Howard (appointed to go to the National General Assembly last year), Garrett Toler, Justin Faherty, and Alex Williams. They worked hard preparing two bills:

One asking for an alcohol tax whose revenue would benefit those involved in alcohol-related violence, and another asking for a mandatory drug test for individuals on welfare who are convicted in drug-related crimes

Group Point of Contact:  Mr. Walker


Student Council

Class officers for 2017-18

Senior Class of 2018:
President: Jonathan Vergara

Vice President: Gabriel Romito
Secretary: Jaymaré Fleming
Treasurer: Chris Collins

Junior Class of 2019

President: Savion Washington
Vice President: DeAndre Tobias
Secretary: Michael Albergo
Treasurer: Cole Simon

Sophomore Class of 2020

President: Reece DeVries
Vice President: Brian Losch
Secretary: John Colizzi
Treasurer: Timothy Grumblatt 

Freshman Class of 2021

President: Ryan Tremain   
Vice President: Josh Shaw
Secretary: Eric Berger
Treasurer: Dillon Tennyson

Rifle Team

Rifle Team

Those of steady hand and eagle eye should consider joining up with our Rifle Team. Run by our military cadre, the team is dedicated to the SAFE and appropriate use of firearms.

In addition to understanding proper standards of handling a firearm, our team members learn how to site a rifle, how to care for one and how to effectively fire it.

While there is competition to be the top "dead eye," the team's primary goal is to enjoy learning about rifles while respecting what they can do.

Club Point of Contact: Commandant York