Rugby is a high endurance, high-speed, hard-hitting sport that teaches camaraderie because of the selflessness that is required to succeed in the game. Each game lasts 80 minutes without any substitutions or stoppage time.

The goal of rugby is to score a try which is worth five points. After a team scores a try, the player will attempt a conversion worth two points that can be scored by drop kicking the ball through the uprights. There are two ways to advance the ball: by running with it or kicking it. A pass always has to be lateral. There is no blocking allowed, and each time a player is tackled, a ruck is formed.

A ruck has no set formation and forms immediately after the player is tackled. The goal of the ruck is to grapple and drive the other team past the ball to gain possession. After a penalty, the teams form something that is known as a scrum. A scrum is when eight players from each team set themselves up to drive against each other to gain possession of the ball.A scrum can potentially reach up to 6,000 pounds of force as the teams compete for possession.

The rugby team began practicing on January 1 to prepare for its season, which began this spring. The team practices and plays on the Joe Arnold Practice Field, which can be found behind Benedictine. The squad is a small, yet dedicated bunch that has worked hard and come together over the recent start.