Cool Chevron:  About The New Chevron

The New Chevron is the student newspaper for Benedictine and is produced by its bright Honors Journalism students, working with Mr. Forster. New Chevron has a variety of topics to read about. Anywhere from academics to athletics to religion the New Chevron has it all. It gives students and teachers information on what important things are taking place around the school that some might not know about.

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Big Green's Basketball Wrap Up:  The hoops season is coming to a close

At Benedictine College Prep, despite the setbacks with COVID-19, the JV and varsity basketball teams were still able to get their season in. In this strange time the basketball teams at Benedictine have almost all their games and will finish the season with the Varsity Teams last game being on February 23 at Catholic High School in Virginia Beach.

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Wrestling pins COVID:  BCP Wrestling closes out 2020-21 COVID season

As mid-February approaches, The Benedictine wrestling team's season comes to an impromptu close. In a usual year, The VISAA state tournament would be fast approaching, and Prep Nationals would be soon to follow, usually the next week. This year, the state tournament was cancelled due to COVID precautions and Prep Nationals were moved back to April 30-May 1, 2021.

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Atlantic: "Shore" to lose

BCP had an away game against Atlantic Shores Christian School. The game was scheduled to take place in Virginia Beach on Saturday, February 11th at 2:00 p.m., but was postponed due to weather concerns. It has yet to be rescheduled. If it is, this will mark the varsity's 10th game of this season, with their record currently standing at 5-4.

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Overall, it may be said...BSoR concludes a successful Day of Giving

On Friday, February 5, Benedictine Schools of Richmond celebrated its annual day of Giving to commemorate Servant of God Frank Parater's generous nature and his commitment to Catholicism. The donations raised throughout the day by 1,208 alumni, family and friends of the Benedictine community funded $718,648 for the Benedictine and St. Gertrude scholarships given to students annually.

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